Company History

When Jon Folsom decided to quit his job with a major corporation to build his own business, his father took him aside to share some warnings and advice. At the time, Folsom's sons were both under age two, and his wife was staying home to take care of them: leaving his job—the family's primary source of income—was a major gamble. Folsom's father said, "Son, you're in deep water. You've got to sink or swim."

There was no choice: he swam.

Committed to Family

In 2004, Diversified Fence Builders, Inc. was born. It was truly a family affair: Folsom's father had instilled a sense of hard work, craftsmanship, and integrity in his son, and Folsom used those qualities as he built and expanded his business.

It was his own sons who played a part in inspiring Folsom to start Diversified and define his own path to success. Though his corporate job—where he developed skills in construction and engineering—paid well, medical issues with one of his sons and a desire for independence convinced Folsom to take a chance and forge his own path. Around the same time, a home project of replacing the privacy fence on his property showed the potential for a business building and installing fences.

Powered by Folsom's construction expertise, willingness to learn, and dedication to hard work and quality, the company grew and grew. Today, Folsom's sons help out part-time ("they are two of the hardest workers out here," he says) along with his mother and his wife, making it a true family operation.

Committed to Community

That sense of family extends beyond just the Folsoms, though. It also applies to the Diversified Fence Builders staff of 30+ people, who share a drive and passion for doing great work. "We are Team DFB," Folsom explains. "There's a chemistry here. We're particular. Persnickety even. That attention to detail though is how we're able to deliver such high quality."

That quality has made Diversified a favorite of the Piedmont Triad community, serving customers in Greensboro, Winston-Salem, High Point, and Kernersville. "Our community has supported us, made us, and we're able to give back and hire more people so they can put food on their tables," Folsom says.

Indeed, giving back to the community is central to Diversified's mission as well. Diversified supports the Greensboro Grasshoppers and local NASCAR drivers, and donates to charitable causes like Habitat for Humanity and humanitarian aid, locally and abroad.

"I was born and raised in High Point, North Carolina. I've been here almost my whole life," Folsom says. "We really invest in our community because that's who made us. This is where we've been, and we're not planning on going anywhere. Lord willing, we'll be staying right here."

Committed to Excellence

Of course, the thing that will keep us at Diversified going strong is the consistent and unwavering quality of our work and our promise to you, our customers, to deliver exceptional service. Whatever type of fencing solution you need, we can get it done for you: we build and install wood, aluminum, vinyl, or chain link fences, plus gates and gate openers, ornamental fencing, handrails, and specialty fencing options.

We also pride ourselves on offering fair prices while still delivering the best craftsmanship. Our fence estimator can help you figure out what you are looking for and what you should expect in terms of pricing, and we offer financing options to help you get the fence you want and need.

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Why Diversified?

The name "Diversified Fence Company" refers, of course, to the fact that we build and install every type of fence—wood, aluminum, vinyl, chainlink—for every type of need—commercial, residential, specialty.

But look closer: the word "diversified" contains the word "divers." Jon Folsom is a life-long scuba diving aficionado and always wanted his business name to pay homage to his passion.

See? With Diversified Fence Builders, things get deep.