Fencing for Children: Safety First

young-girls.jpgKeeping children safe is the concern of every parent, and therefore the top priority of any business caring for children. For this reason, child outdoor safety fencing is a requirement for day care centers operating in most states, including North Carolina.

At Diversified Fence Builders, we have an abundance of experience working with day care agencies to construct professional child safety fences that provide safety for your children, as well as follow North Carolina state regulations and legal guidelines.

We build child safety fences in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Kernersville and the surrounding Piedmont Triad of NC, and we’re eager to help with your project. Give us a call today to get started on a free quote.

Child Safety is Priority

Child safety is always of utmost importance to us. As such, we take pride in working with local day care agencies to ensure that their play area is a suitable and safe environment for them to play.

According to licensing standards written by the state of North Carolina, every day care that has an outdoor play area has to be protected by a fence that is a minimum of four feet tall. These play areas should exclude any fixed body of water, such as ditches, quarries, canals, excavations, fish ponds and pools. We work within every guideline to build our fences to fit code and pass inspection.

We would love the opportunity to provide a protected environment for your day care center, allowing children under your care to safely enjoy outdoor activities.


Child Outdoor Safety Fencing

There are many types of safety fences. Here are some child safety fencing options to consider:

Chain Link Fencing

is easily customized to meet requirements, and are most readily available in four foot and six foot heights. Additionally they can be colored black, brown, green, or white for increased visibility.

Aluminum Fencing

can be made to have the required smooth top around the entire fencing with pickets close enough to prevent little ones from slipping through while also being less likely for the adventurous climbers to scale. It is also available in colors such as black or bronze for visibility and added aesthetics.

Wood Fencing

can be constructed to meet guidelines and may be an ideal choice for day care centers in areas with neighboring animals. A stockade or privacy fence can discourage little hands form poking through, reducing the risk of potential bites. Even the friendliest of animals can become agitated.

Vinyl Fencing

can be constructed similarly to wooden stockade or privacy fencing, but with the added bonus of being easy to clean and holds up better to weathering.

Child Safety Considerations for Residential Fences

Your kids should be just as safe in their backyard as they are in their daycare facility. Diversified Fence Builders can help you secure your property with a sturdy, safe residential fence for your front and/or back yard.

What does a child-safe residential fence look like?

To start, your residential fence should be made with a kid-friendly material. Wood fences, while offering a beautiful aesthetic, have a rough feel and can be a frustrating source of splinters. Some chain link fences rust and become jagged – which means it’s easy for kids to get a cut or a scrape during their outdoor play time.

Smoother materials, like vinyl, aluminum or composite are a great choice for durability and child safety.

Your fence should also help protect kids from their own worst instincts. That means a design that makes climbing or scaling the fence difficult. A high, picket fence with smooth vertical planks keeps your kids’ feet firmly on the ground.

Lastly, to avoid the nightmare scenario of someone potentially lifting your child over your backyard fence, it’s recommended that the barrier is made at least 5′ high.

Child Safety Fences Built by Pros

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