Gate Openers

Why make things harder than they need to be?

Your gate protects your property but getting in and out shouldn’t be an ordeal. You shouldn’t have to stop and get out of your car in bad weather to pull open a gate on your way home or have to run to the edge of your property to allow a visitor in.

What you need is an automatic gate opener to provide access at the push of a button. It’s the ideal finishing touch for your power gate, adding an element of sophistication and exclusivity to your property while providing convenience and flexibility in your daily routine.

Find the Gate Opener That’s Right For You

Diversified Fence Builders, Inc., offers a wide array of electric gate openers, and we have the expertise to install your opener fast and to your complete satisfaction.

We’ve got remote gates for homes, farms, and businesses, and numerous gate openers with keypad options. Our wireless keypads are built to deliver a streamlined and accessible performance that’s simple to use. Wired keypads and proximity readers are secure and vandal-resistant, with a gray powder-coated finish that creates an upscale and stylish appearance. We can also set you up with a wired telephone intercom, so you can communicate with visitors and control who comes on your property from the convenience of your phone.

All of our openers are designed to be durable in outdoor weather environments. They are high quality, supported by our expert team, and most models can be powered by optional solar panels, bypassing the need to run a separate power source to your gate and saving you money.

So if you want to open and close your ornamental driveway gate, allow guests in remotely, facilitate the movement of trucks through a heavy-duty pasture gate, or something else, we’ve got the right gate opener for you.

We Can Install The Gate Opener You Need

Our team of professional electric gate opener installers is ready to help you. We can help you choose the best gate and automatic gate opener for your needs and budget. Send us a message or give us a call at (336) 510-5561 to speak with an experienced consultant today.

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  • Designed for outdoor environments
  • We Have The Most Dedicated Support Team
  • High Quality & Affordability

Keypad Options

Sleek Wireless Design

Wireless Keypads enable a more modern, streamlined access solution that's simpler than ever to install and use. 

Telephone Intercom

Provides wired telephone intercom communication and secure access control at the gate or door. With the EL1SS, residents or small businesses can simply communicate with visitors, grant or deny access, all form the convenience of their phone. 

Wired Keypad and Proximity Reader

A secure and vandal-resistant enclosure with a gray powercoated finish creates an upscale and stylish appearance. 

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