Privacy Fences

Your space is your own. And if keeping it private is a priority, a professionally built and installed fence can provide the security and seclusion you need.

At Diversified Fence Builders, Inc., we have almost 20 years of experience in privacy fence building and installation for our North Carolina customers. These fences offer numerous benefits: adding curb appeal, reducing noise, keeping kids and pets safe, and increasing your property value while making your space a private place where you can truly feel at home.

Get the Privacy Fence You Need in the Style You Want

You can have your custom privacy fence built in a variety of materials. Your options include:


Wood is a classic choice for privacy fences. Offering a natural look to match the outdoor features of your home, wood fences are typically constructed board on board, leaving no space for passersby to view your property from outside without effort. They can also typically be built up to 8-feet high, offering even more security and seclusion.

See the options we have available for wood fences here.


Vinyl offers a versatile option for your privacy fence. You can customize the look and color of your fence to best fit your property, and select a height for the level of privacy you need. The 4-foot vinyl fence will keep outsiders at arm’s length with its solid, side-by-side posts while the 6-foot fence will further restrict viewing; both add value and beauty to your property. Furthermore, vinyl fencing doesn’t degrade, so it requires little maintenance or painting.

Check out our vinyl fences options here.

Chain link

Believe it or not, even a chain link fence can be turned into a privacy fence. By installing privacy screens or slats to fill the holes in the chain link, or using rolled bamboo or hedges to block them, your chain link fence can offer privacy at a low cost. A variety of screening fabrics and colors can be used as well and offer differing levels of privacy. A dark color can block out viewing completely while lighter shades offer a softer look.

Learn more about our chain link fence options here.

We Can Build and Install Your Custom Privacy Fence

To explore fence costs, please check out our estimator, or reach out to our experienced team of fence building consultants by sending us a message or giving us a call at (336) 510-5561. Our team is located throughout and serves the Piedmont Triad region (Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem) of central North Carolina and beyond. They’ll work with you to determine the best option for your property and budget, so you can have the privacy you deserve!


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