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There are many uses for fences on a farm.

Farms are home to a wide variety of animals, crops and equipment – each requiring their own dedicated area. And it’s best to keep each commodity separate from the others. After all, you don’t want your livestock wandering off onto your corn field or messing around in your tractor shed.

If you value your privacy, you might also want to prevent unannounced visitors from accessing your property.

A well-constructed fence can help keep your farm organized, protected and operating to capacity.

If you’re thinking about fencing in your farm or replacing an old farm fence with a new one, Diversified Fence Builders is here to help. We’ve been erecting farm fences in Greensboro, High Point, Winston Salem, Kernersville and the surrounding Piedmont Triad of NC for almost 20 years.

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Farm Fences Designed for Many Uses

photo800.jpgOur farm fences are designed for whatever application you may need.

Wood Farm Fences

Wood has been the traditional choice of material for farm fences. Today, they are still a great choice to mark small pastures, livestock paddocks or even perimeter fencing.

Farm Wire Fencing

Want to keep critters or larger animals, like deer, out of your garden? Maybe you need to keep your chickens, pigs or other farm animals in their enclosures. A farm wire fence is a great option for either use.

Horse Farm Fences

This type of fence is similar to welded wire fencing, but is smooth on either side to keep horses or livestock from scratching themselves.

Agricultural Fence Installation

Want to clearly mark your agricultural fields and keep livestock or other animals from intruding? There are lots of options for agricultural fences. We can help you decide on the most prudent choice.

Decorative Farm Fences

Let’s not forget the homestead. Add some extra character and refinement to your home with a decorative farm fence.

Let the Fence Pros Do the Heavy Lifting

Fencing your farm involves a lot of prep work to ensure that the fence is built accurately and according to your specific needs.

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