Ranch Rail Fencing

A classic ranch rail fence can be a useful and stylish addition to any property. If you own a ranch or farm and keep livestock—horses, cattle, or something else—then ensuring that your animals stay on your property is a major concern. A ranch rail fence can keep your animals where you want and keep them from running off.

This fence type also has a classic design that can serve to add visual appeal to any property. Sturdy and attractive, a ranch rail fence is a great way to mark the borders of a large property and make the space feel complete. Founded in 2004, Diversified Fence Builders, Inc. is your best choice to build and install a ranch rail fence on your property.

Secure Your Property with a Ranch Rail Fence

With their classic design and reliability, ranch rail fences are one of the most popular options available. Typically built with wood in a 3-rail or 4-rail design with black-coated vinyl wire, these fences are now also available in vinyl. There are advantages to both options: Wood offers a more traditional design and sturdiness, while vinyl is more resistant to weather and potential wear and tear from animals.

A standard cross buck design is a terrific option for covering a lot of property at a reasonable price. It's constructed with 5×1/4″ deck boards and a 14-gauge wire attached to the backside, this fence can keep pets or livestock safely protected in the desired location.

Wooden ranch rail fence

Other options are available as well, and our experienced fence building team can work with you to design a custom ranch rail fence that will suit the needs of your property.

We Can Build and Install Your Custom Ranch Rail Fence

Ready to add ranch rail fencing to your property? Get started by taking a look at our Fence Estimator. Our fence building services are affordable and come with a warranty on materials and craftsmanship.

You can also give us a call at (336) 510-5561 or email us any time, 24/7. We've built ranch rail fences for customers in Greensboro, High Point, Winston-Salem, and on many farms and ranches throughout the Piedmont Triad. Contact us today. We will get to work on your fence and right away so you can be sure your farm or ranch is secure and everyone living on it is protected.

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