Fence Gates Add Character and Peace of Mind

wooden-gate-system.jpgAs one of the most trusted and experienced fence and gate installers in the Triad area, Diversified Fence Builders has helped many home owners and businesses enhance their property with long-lasting gate systems. If you’re ready to add a beautiful, custom fence gate to your yard or driveway, we’re ready to help.

DFB provides our customers with the highest quality fence gates available. Our gates come in a wide variety of materials and styles that are secure and beautiful. DFB’s quality construction and affordable pricing make our gate systems an excellent option for any budget.

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Benefits of a Private Fence Gate

There are a number of ways a gate installation by DFB can add value to your property and improve quality of life.


The main function of any gate is to restrict easy access to your property. Gates keep unwanted visitors or solicitors on the street and away from your front door.

A gate connected to a surrounding fence around your home can also help protect your children and pets by keeping them inside the perimeter of your property and away from busy city streets.

Curb Appeal

A custom fence gate can also add charm, character and elegance to your home or property. DFB offers many options in gate designs, materials and dimensions. Whatever style you choose, your custom fence gate will make your home stand out.

Boost Property Value

Greater curb appeal can translate into real dollars. Adding functionality and enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your home or business office increase the value of your property.

Choosing The Right Fence Gate

Picking the right outdoor fence gate is a matter of combining personal taste with the exterior style of your house or building. This requires choices in material, design and size.


The choice of material is one of the most important decisions to make regarding your outdoor fence gate. Wood is a classic option, while steel and aluminum can offer some added pizzazz.

Diversified Fence Builders specializes in:


Go with the simple, flat top design or, choose among the more stylish arched top options. DFB’s will help you pick the design that accentuates the facade of your home and property.


What’s the perfect size for a gate? It depends on the function. Driveway gates usually come between 4′ and 6′ in height and feature various lengths. A residential fence gate, on the other hand, could be taller and skinnier.

The perfect size for your gate should be determined by your expected use. We’re always ready to help you select the right size for your fence gate.


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