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Is there anything better on a hot day than jumping into the cool, refreshing waters of your very own pool?

Swimming pools are a ton of fun. And, they also tend to draw a crowd. Home owners with a pool in their backyard are often some of the most popular in the neighborhood.

Backyard pools are a great way to enjoy summer. But, under the wrong circumstances, they can also be dangerous. That’s why prudent pool owners take the precaution of erecting a pool privacy fence.

Let Diversified Fence Builders help you keep your family safe with a worry-free, no-hassle pool fence installation. We’ve been building fences for Triad families and businesses since 2004. We know how to get the job done right, fast and to your complete satisfaction.

Why Build a Pool Fence?

There are many reasons to build a fence around your swimming pool. A pool fence installed by DFB will keep your kids, pets and guests safe; protect you from liability in case someone suffers an accident; and provide an added element of privacy.


A few sobering statistics:

  • Between 2015 and 2017, nearly 6500 children under the age of 15 were treated for injuries sustained at a swimming a pool
  • An average of 390 deaths are attributed each year to drowning in a swimming pool or spa
  • Roughly 75% of drowning victims age 15 and younger died while swimming at a residential pool
  • 47% of child injuries sustained at a pool occurred at a home poolA pool fence, properly installed by a professional team, can help you avoid accidents and keep your loved ones safe.


As a pool owner, you may already be aware that you might bear responsibility in case a guest gets injured in your private pool. But, did you know that you could be held responsible if a child wonders in uninvited and sustains an injury?

Don’t take the risk. A pool fence can prevent accidents that you have no control over, but for which you’re still liable.

Style and Privacy

Pool fences can be a great stylistic addition to your pool area, and prevent neighbors or lookie loos from sneaking unwanted peeks.

Why DIY Pool Fences Are Not a Great Idea

There’s a reason we call ourselves professional fence installers. Even if you procured the right equipment and drew up the perfect plans, it takes specialized skill to drill through the concrete that surround your pool.

DIY projects can be a great way to learn a new skill and save a little money. It’s just not the case with pool fence installation, where room for error is minuscule. Even a small mistake can set your wallet back considerably.

6 Building Code Regulations for Pool Fences

  • 4 ft. in height (48 inches minimum height)
  • Gates must be self-closing and self-latching
  • Fence bottom horizontal rail can be no higher than 2 inches off the ground i.e. very small bottom gap
  • Fence verticals no more than 1¼ inch apart when the space between the back/horizontal support rails is less than 45 inches.Aluminum pool fences must have a closed top and bottom rail (no pickets protruding at the top).
  • For chain link, the mesh must be 1¼ inch diameter diamonds to prevent climbing.

Years of Experience

pool-300x225.jpgWe have years of experience building custom pool fences and use only the highest quality materials to ensure safety and longevity.

Give us a call or send a message online to speak with a local pool fencing expert near you.

The laws have recently changed regarding pool fence regulations, to learn more please contact us today.

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