Dumpster Enclosures for Commercial and Private Properties

Dumpster-Enclosures-e1334004621639.jpgHave you considered the benefits of installing a dumpster enclosure on your property?

Protecting your trash containers may not naturally rank high on your priority scale. Yet, the contents of your dumpster can contain lots of information you wouldn’t want anyone to see. Credit card bills, banking information, even phone bills can all be used to steal your identity – and all these items are commonly found in the contents of your dumpster.

Moreover, if you own or manage a commercial property, like a multi-family apartment complex, it may be in the best interest of your business to keep the dumpster area out of sight, behind aesthetically pleasing fencing.

Dumpster enclosures are an excellent way to safeguard sensitive personal or business information and keep your private or commercial property looking great.

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Choosing Dumpster Enclosure Materials

The goals for commercial dumpster enclosures and private ones can differ. This can impact which materials may be best for the job.

A business property owner might be most concerned with security. In which case, fencing with a secure, chain link dumpster enclosure gate may be the way to go.

On the other hand, a commercial property – like an apartment complex – is more likely to be concerned with aesthetics. Durable materials and construction is another consideration, as regular interactions with dumpster trucks can eventually result in some inadvertent damage. For these concerns, a brick or concrete construction may provide the best results.

For private properties, it’s important to have the enclosure blend in with the style and appearance of the home. A vinyl dumpster enclosure, or one made from wood, can deliver the right aesthetic.


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