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Yes, pressure-treated pine protects against rot and termites but it does not protect against weathering and warping.

Yes, after the wood has dried out and cured we can provide you with an estimate at that time.

Yes. View our financing options. We accept all major credit cards.

Approximately every 5-7 years depending on the quality of the stain.

Thompson’s Water Seal will only last a maximum of 2 years whereas good quality stain will last 5-7 years.

Our vinyl products have a lifetime UV fade warranty.

The paint is very durable and it has a baked-on powder-coated finish.

If you do not know where your property line is or don’t see any markers in the ground, we strongly suggest that you have a surveyor come out and locate them. If you have a copy of your survey it may or may not help us locate the corners and a professional surveyor still may be needed.

No, they are built very poorly and do not hold up over the long term.

Next to none, sometimes in a very shaded area, you might develop mildew over time but it can be easily removed with a clean cloth and water.

The post and rails have a baked-on powder-coated finish and the wire mesh has a hot-dipped vinyl coating.

Please forward all additional questions to our sales team and contact us today, thanks!

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