Cantilever Gates

There are many factors that go into creating the ideal fence for your property and needs. A key element you might not immediately think of: what kind of gate will work best? A gate, after all, is essential for providing an entrance and exit to your property. On many commercial properties, a cantilever gate will offer the best mix of function, convenience, and security.

Access Your Property With a Cantilever Gate

A cantilever gate is a unique type of sliding gate. It does not roll on the ground: instead, it moves via rollers running along the top and inside of the fence, with wheels attached to two vertical support posts. Those posts are typically spaced apart at a length equal to half the length of the gate opening.

The specialized construction of a cantilever gate offers several advantages over other styles.

  • They are versatile. The wheels of a cantilever gate are not on the ground. That means its function doesn't rely on a smooth, flat surface. If your property is surrounded by grass, gravel, obstructions, or is uneven or steeply inclined, a cantilever gate is likely your best choice.
  • They use less space. As a cantilever gate slides open parallel to the fence, it doesn't require as vast an amount of room to open as a typical gate. If your fence is close to a building or another obstruction, the cantilever gate will allow an easy and wide opening in the fence without having to supply a large clear space for the fence to move through.
  • They add more security. The construction of a cantilever gate makes them heavy and difficult to lift. This makes them an ideal choice to add dependable security to your commercial property.
  • They require less maintenance. A swing gate hinge can degrade and require frequent greasing to maintain its moveability. The nylon-covered rollers that typically go on a cantilever gate, though, will not require greasing and will not rust. Even better, because the gate doesn't swing open, accessing your property to clear obstructions like snow or debris after a storm is easier with a cantilever gate.

We Can Build and Install Your Cantilever Gate

As useful as cantilever gates can be, they must be properly installed to work as intended. If, for example, the gate is not level and at the proper elevation, it may not open properly or leave large gaps underneath. Fortunately, the team at Diversified Fence Builders, Inc. has the expertise to build a cantilever gate for you that will function perfectly and look great, too.

Contact us today, any time, 24/7. We'll work with you to build a fence and gate that delivers security, privacy, and convenient access to your commercial property, at a competitive price and with best-in-class workmanship.

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