Alternatives to Electric Fences

wooden fence around back yard

Are you looking for an alternative means of fencing your pet onto your property, other than an electric fence? Electric fences are a controversial means of containment. Property owners use various types of electric fences to keep out foreign animals, as well as keep pets contained within their property. This is not a method that many people agree with, whether for domesticated animals, or for livestock. The electric fence is most effective at causing pain for an animal. These fences are viewed as inhumane by most.

But property owners have to find an alternative to the electric fences that’s still effective. The following are a few suggested alternatives to an electric fence. What electric fences do best is shock and scare dogs into staying in the yard. This is a traumatic method of keeping your dog “safe”, which could have unintended residual effects on the dog. One of the best alternatives for keeping your dog contained within an electric fence is to give them thorough and proper training. There are other systems used by training programs, including extremely low shock levels to get them trained.

Outside of proper training, certain dogs should be kept indoors. Whenever a dog is taken outdoors for a walk, a collar should be put on them. Keep the pet indoors, and house train the pet. Pets should be allowed to roam freely and have exercise in their yard, but the neighborhood you live in, or the size of your property may not permit that. So owners should do whatever is safest for the pet, and that is confining them to the home until, they can be released on the grounds of a dog park. The solution for dogs that are too big for the house is that they really should be trained well.

Ultimately, the best alternative fencing for an animal, large or small, is a chain link fence. These fences can be built at heights tall enough to prevent pets from scaling. They are also easy to maintain.

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