Yard Fences Can Help Reduce Noise


If you live in a high traffic area or by train tracks, you know that these noises can easily make their way into your home, and can be a constant aggravation. To help reduce this disruptive noise, you can build a solid fence around your yard. However, not all fences will block out noise, so you need to listen closely.

Let’s first start off with the simple science of noise. Sound waves are deflected by dense objects and will flow through any space that is available to them. Sound waves have the capability to flow through and around any object given the proper space.

So, the more solid your wall, the more noise it will block out. Stonewalls are very good for this, but let’s face it, they are expensive. You can easily reduce noise with more traditional fencing options. You must be sure that your fence has no gaps for sound to travel through.

The height of your fence will also matter, although local building regulations put some limitations on height. The higher your fence, the more surface area to reflect the sound back in the direction from which it came. You must also be sure that your fence reaches the ground. Again, sound waves have the ability to travel under objects.

Please note that these fences will not completely block out the noise, but will simply reduce it. If you would like a completely sound proof yard, you will want to look into relocating or more advanced options such as acoustic sound panels. However, these will not be as aesthetically pleasing as a traditional yard or privacy fence, and can carry a hefty price tag on top of the actual fence.

Let’s face it: noise from traffic and neighbors can be annoying, especially if you live in a crowded area. If installing a fence to help block out the noise is an option for you, contact Diversified Fence Builders today at

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