Staining Your Wood Fence

Applying a stain will improve the longevity and appearance of your wood fence. A quality stain will help your fence resist the harmful effects of the sun, rain, wind, and other environmental factors. Whether you apply it yourself or hire some help, staining your wood fence is essential to keeping it in good condition for many years to come.

Weathering of a wood fence occurs naturally. You may notice that the wood takes on a grey color after years of exposure to sun, wind, and rain. Adding a quality stain will make your wood look more beautiful and adds a layer of protection against the elements. It also improves the structural durability of the fence. Unlike paint that covers the wood, a stain will enhance the color and texture of the wood. Many people prefer the natural look of a stain rather than paint.

wooden fence

Staining a fence can take a considerable amount time, depending on how big your fence is. Be sure to use a high quality stain. Products like Thompson’s Water Seal will only last a maximum of 2 years whereas good quality stain will last 5-7 years. If your fence is painted, you will need to thoroughly strip the paint before applying the stain.

Take time to inspect your wood for structural or cosmetic defects before applying the stain. Repair holes and replace any broken boards. If there is damage that you cannot repair on your own, contact us at Diversified Fence Builders. We offer fence repair services to the Piedmont Triad of NC.

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