Frequently Asked Questions About Vinyl Fences

What kind of longevity can you expect with vinyl fencing?

Vinyl fencing is manufactured a lot like vinyl siding, which has a good track record for longevity and durability. The base ingredient in PVC is changed to offer the best impact resistance as well as ultraviolet protection. One can feel assured the fence is structurally sound and aesthetically appealing.

What kind of warranty is offered with vinyl fencing?

Vinyl fencing is manufactured to last a lifetime and is backed up with a completely transferable lifetime warranty.

How do they hold up in cold weather?

Plastic naturally becomes less flexible during cold weather. Vinyl fencing is designed to hold up during normal climatic changes, and under these conditions, without a strong force or impact, they will not break or snap. Proper installation will keep the posts from heaving.

vinyl fence

How well do they maintain their color?

Vinyl fences are manufactured with titanium dioxide. This automatically decreases any chance of ultra violet damage to the color.

Will the vinyl fencing chip and peel?

During the lifetime of your fence, you shouldn't’t see any chipping, rotting, cracking or peeling.

Do vinyl fences collect mold and mildew?

When exposed to damp weather, any vinyl product can and will collect molds and mildew. However; these can simply be cleaned off with a solution of water and household detergent.

Are vinyl fences expensive to maintain?

In general, the cost of vinyl fencing is higher initially versus other fencing styles. However, when you compare the costs over the long run, vinyl is maintenance-free while any other type of fencing increases in repair and maintenance costs. The vinyl fencing does require some maintenance, but under typical conditions, it consists of nothing more than an annual washing of the fence to keep it looking nice and new. Vinyl fencing comes out to cost you less money long-term.

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