Fencing For Large Dogs

When you own a large dog, you have to figure out how you’re going to protect it from itself and from others. A dog can just as easily wander out of the yard and into traffic, as be approached by an unsuspecting child or stray dog. The rules of your town will determine a lot of what you can and will do, but everybody should be on the same page as far as keeping everyone protected. Large dogs are often unable to stay indoors, so it becomes especially crucial for them to have proper fencing. Many dog owners find that having a wireless dog fence is the most effective way of keeping their dog away from any danger away from the house.

There’s also other interesting factors, like yours dogs age and his/her diet. Having a proper senior dog diet for an older dog, can, for example, limit their energy usage and prevent all of this happening.

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Things to Remember

No matter whether your dog is fierce or friendly, there will be a segment of the population that will be afraid of it. Think about how to mitigate the intimidation factor of your dog. This comes from incessant barking, growling, and getting excited by passersby. It’s typically their personality, and what they are able to encounter while in your yard, that will determine how intimidating they will be. However this can best be accomplished can be left up to individual owners. You must always account for the size, temperament, and strength of you dog when purchasing your fence.

Wood and Vinyl

These fences are great choices for any home that needs to install a boundary around their property. They’re very attractive options that even people without pets like to add to their home. The vinyl is especially classy and unique, which also lessens the intimidation factor. When dealing with large dogs, you also have to account for the durability of the fence. Wood and vinyl fences are both very durable, and vinyl also requires very little maintenance. Both of these popular choices can be installed so that all visibility is blocked from inside and outside the fence.


Chain link fences are very common, maybe even the most popular, because of their affordability. They particularly work well for small dogs, because they have an increased ability to contain small dogs. But when dealing with larger dogs other considerations must be made. For instance, there is always the chance that they will scale the fence, and some might even dig under it to get out. You could build the fence higher, but is that a look that you are comfortable with? Tall chain linked fences remind you of correctional facilities. Also, the chain link fence leaves the dog and passersby in plain sight of each other. This heightens the imitation factor.


Probably the most appropriate place for a large dog is on a plot of land like a farm. The wide opened landscape provides a contained area for them to run and play. Split-rail fencing is often used to contain certain livestock and animals like horses. A large dog will be a little more difficult to contain without extra help. The split-rail may be able to do the job, and maintain the look that you desire. But extra cross rails and wooden posts can be reinforced by additional electrical wiring in between.

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