Fences Keep Your Pets Both Contained and Safe

A dog is a man’s best friend. Keeping your pets safe and sound should be a top priority. We’d all like to prevent our pet from getting into any trouble. Not only do fences give your property that extra aesthetic appeal, they provide a safe and comfortable living environment for your pets.

First and foremost, fences contain your pets. You can dispose of many worries you may have about your pet roaming throughout the neighborhood unattended. Most animals love to be outdoors. Fences provide a great play and rest area for both your pets and your children. Though animals are curious creatures, they will quickly learn their boundaries.

With today’s technology, invisible fences are immensely popular. Homeowners love that the look of their yard remains the same, but are they reliable? The answer is no. If your pet can tolerate a shock or two, once it passes the invisible fence it is free to roam. A physical fence with enough height will prevent this from happening. Not to mention, fences inflict absolutely zero physical pain to your pets.

Fences provide you with peace of mind when you leave the house. You will not have to coop your pet inside as you go about your busy day. Animals were born to be outdoors, so let them. As long as you provide your pet with a shaded area and perhaps a door leading indoors, your pets have endless options.

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“Good fences make good neighbors.” This saying is true for many people. Keeping your pets out of other yards will strengthen your relationship with your neighbors. Roaming pets can interrupt your neighbor’s privacy. Dogs in particular are very territorial and can be very aggressive to unwanted visitors.

If you feel uncomfortable leaving your pet outside unattended, there are a few precautions you can take. Some pets are capable of jumping over fences. Be sure that your fence is tall and sturdy enough. If height does not comfort you, try planting bushes along the inside of the fence. This way your pets will rarely go near it.

Fences not only contain your pets but keep out other animals and predators. Deer and wild turkeys are commonly seen in the south, not to mention stray cats, dogs, and raccoons. Foreign animals can be aggressive and carry many diseases. A tall fence will keep most, if not all, of these animals at a far distance. However, unlike cats and dogs who are able to protect themselves from numerous predators, pet rabbits or chickens are susceptible to many predators, including cats and dogs themselves. While these fences will stop your vulnerable pets from escaping, many predators are able to jump over tall fences. Investing in chicken coops may be a good idea if you want to keep these vulnerable animals safe.

Let your pets experience the outdoors in a contained and safe environment. Although invisible fences are often effective, they are physically painful and fail to keep out stray animals. Fences not only protect your pets, but also gives you and your neighbors the peace of mind they deserve. 

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