Durability of Vinyl Fences

Let’s face it. Fencing your yard can really add value to your property. A good fence can also protect your children and your pets from getting to dangerous areas, such as the pool or the road. A quality fence will make your house more visually appealing.

However, fencing is not cheap. When it is time to invest in fencing, durability and quality are as important as pricing. Finding a fence that will look good and last for years can be tricky. Wood fences will eventually warp and weather. Chain link fence looks utilitarian. Why not consider vinyl fence?

Vinyl fences are made from a PVC-type material. Titanium oxide is used in the making of the fence to prevent yellowing from sun exposure. More durable than wood, vinyl fence will not warp in normal circumstances. It will not stretch out and sag over time. Vinyl fence is five times stronger than wood and four times more flexible.

vinyl fence corner

There are situations where vinyl fence is not a good choice. Parking lots and extremely hot climates, ball fields and pastures- none of these are good places to put up vinyl fence. Vinyl will crack and break if it is hit by something like a shopping cart or baseball. Extreme heat will cause the vinyl to stretch. Horses will chew on the vinyl rails and damage the fence. Consideration of the function of the fence is important when deciding which fence to use.

Due to the titanium oxide used in vinyl fence, early colors were limited to light colors. Today the process has evolved. Many more color options are available. Homeowners can match colors or customize to their own tastes.

Strength, durability, color options and quality that last, vinyl fence will fit the bill. When considering fencing options, remember the long-term value of vinyl.

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