Converting Your Chain Link Fence Into a Privacy Fence

When privacy comes to mind, the last thing that most people think about is a chain link fence. However, chain link fences can be easily and inexpensively into a real privacy fence by simply filling in the spaces between the mesh. There are a few ways that this can be accomplished. Here are a few simple solutions you can employ in order to get the privacy you want from your existing or newly installed chain link fence that won’t break the bank.

chain link fence

Privacy Slats

Adding privacy slats to your chain link fence is an easy way to block the view of peeping eyes into your outdoor space. The process is easy and inexpensive and can allow you to not only add privacy, but a bit of personality as well.

Rolled Bamboo

In addition to pre-manufactured chain link fabric slats, you can also use rolled bamboo to provide privacy. For this, you will simply need to measure the height and length of your chain link fencing and then purchase your rolled bamboo in the same height.

Living Ocotillo Fence

Using ocotillo is one of the easiest ways to create environmentally friendly and aesthetically pleasing privacy with a chain link fence. It doesn't provide the instantaneous results as the above options, however the end result is much more attractive.

Planting Hedges

Hedges are also a great way to add privacy to a chain link fence, however they are a bit more cumbersome to plant and grow and can make performing maintenance on your fence a bit more of a challenge. Simply purchase hedges from your local home improvement store or garden center and plant them along the fence line. Water regularly to encourage growth.

And these are just a few of the ideas you can use to cover up the spaces in your chain link mesh and create a real privacy fence. These ideas are inexpensive and easy to do.

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