Combining the Look of Brick and Aluminum

The type of fence that you choose for your property will depend on what the fence is being used to protect. If the fence is just being used to section off the property, you may find the ability to see in and out of the fence a necessity. This also gives onlookers the ability to see whatever accessories and upgrades you may have done to your home and lawn. For such an open look and feel, aluminum is one of the best options.


The aluminum fence does not keep your property totally private and hidden from the public eyes. It can be viewed as an advantage and disadvantage for the property to be viewed so easily, depending on the preferences of the property owners. Even if aluminum isn't’t the most private form of fencing, the aluminum does create a more stable looking boundary than wood or vinyl. Aluminum fence designs are good choices for surrounding pools and playgrounds.  They allow families to keep an eye on children, and also know who or what is around.

Brick on the other hand is the ultimate in creating a strong, sturdy and impenetrable fencing. It could more accurately be called a wall. Building a wall around one’s property may not exactly be the choice that most homeowners want to go with, unless you are a king in a castle.  Brick certainly does not allow for the same ease of entering and exiting, the way that an aluminum fence does. Homes and pools surrounded by brick walls, will not allow people to easily see what’s happening around them. While it is great protection, it would prevent watchful eyes from observing children.

A nice combination, that many homeowners choose, joins the two fence types together. Taking the open look of an easy-to-travel through aluminum fence, and joining it with the strong and protective look of a brick wall is perfect for many. These aluminum and brick fence designs can be diverse. Brick can be incorporated in the aluminum fence along the base of the fence. This forms a much stronger layer of security to the bottom of the fence. The brick wall base is also another form of deterrent to intruders and stray animals. The brick can also build pillars between the aluminum for reinforcement.

This stylish combination of aluminum and brick provides a practical sense of security, as well as an added sense of flair and creativity.

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