Can Fences Increase Property Value?

People often wonder whether adding a fence to their property is worth the money and effort. When you don’t have circumstances like a pet that needs to be protected, the reason to get one isn’t always obvious. Often, a need for more privacy will convince people to build a fence. But outside of that, the reason many people decide on a fence is a belief that it will raise their property value, especially if they’ve just finished their residential construction and are ready to move into a brand new home. This is true, and it isn’t true. Meaning, it’s not so much the act of building a fence that adds value. There are many other factors that play into its ability to increase value. 

Probably more important than any other aspect is how the fence is built, because this will largely determine how it looks. A fence that you build around your home to add value must not look like it was borrowed from a detention center. Homeowners can rely on their own standards and actually erect a fence that ruins their potential of selling, much less add value. Before deciding to build a fence to increase value, make sure it’s the right type of fence. You can end up with the opposite effect if you’re not careful.

Another factor is how your neighbors’ properties look. It’s a no-brainer that if all your neighbors have a fence built around their property then you probably should as well. This will definitely increase your property value. However, on lands where fences are not standard, a fence could detract from the surroundings, especially an unattractive fence. In general, a nicely designed, attractive fence will give a curb appeal that makes it a wise addition.

large house with a fence

The fact that fences provide security may be the most valuable aspect for a potential buyer. So, if you add a fence in a neighborhood where there’s a potential for stray animals and children to wander onto the property, you’ve certainly increased its value. The right fence should add value if you were to sell your property, but once again, it must be the right type of fence that the buyer will also have to like. Some fences just may provide the right security and privacy, but serve as an eyesore to the neighborhood. You never want to detract from your surroundings for any reason. Fences can add value to your home, just like some other security features can. 

Your home could be the most beautiful one on the block. But installing a fence might obstruct its view from the ground level, which may not maximize the “wow” factor of your home. However, a nice landscape can always help. If your home sits on top of elevated ground, then the fence would simply accentuate the property. The image and impression that a well constructed, and size appropriate fence gives is a major part of the property value.

A well-constructed fence on your property implies value. When others see a nice fence, they are automatically curious about what’s behind it. It must be something worthwhile to have such a nice fence protecting it. On the other hand, a fence that is poorly constructed will tell you just the opposite, whether it’s true or not. Ultimately, fences are an excellent way to add value to your property. But they have the potential to do damage if they aren’t thoughtfully installed.

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