Benefits of a Chain Link (Wire Mesh) Fence

Keeping your children or pets safely in your yard while keeping unwelcome animals or people out can seem like a difficult task for a homeowner. A sturdy fence is the obvious solution, but deciding what kind of fence will work best for your needs is the tricky part. There are a number of options to consider before fencing in your yard, including vinyl, wooden fences, or aluminum options. In some cases the best choice is a sturdy chain link fence, also known as a wire mesh fence. Unlike other options, this type of barrier is generally cheaper, and unlike wood it will not rot or warp due to continuous exposure to the elements.

Chain link fencing also requires very little maintenance, ensuring the long life of the product. Unlike aluminum fencing or vinyl options that come in panels which can crack or break over time, wire mesh fencing features an unbroken surface, so there are no separate pieces that may require replacement. Another benefit of chain link fencing is that it does not require painting or staining to keep it at its best. The fence’s mesh wiring is coated with corrosion-resistant zinc that protects the material from rain and snow.

chain link fence

Some wire mesh fencing also features a unique chemical treatment known as cathodic protection. This treatment allows the fence’s individual wires to fix and seal themselves in case one of the wires breaks. This prevents rust from forming at broken links that could possible weaken the product and maintains the pleasing aesthetics of the fencing. This type of fencing also provides you with a number of options. It comes in a variety of gauges, allowing you to keep out intruders by using a heavier gauge, or a lighter gauge can be used to establish a safe play area for your children or pets.

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