Fencing Ideas for Day Care Centers

Young children are bundles of energy, and it can be difficult to keep them under control. Day care centers in particular need to carefully think through fencing their outdoor spaces, while keeping in mind the type of children they typically oversee.

First and foremost, each state has fence regulations for day care centers. These regulations contain rules regarding the height of the fence and the square footage. The fence must meet certain dimensions per child. For instance, in Virginia 75 square feet of fence is required per child.

In North Carolina, safety fences are required for day car centers. Chain link fences are fairly popular for day care centers due to how easily it can be customized to meet height standards, in addition to its affordable cost. This type also comes in a variety of color coats to satisfy any color needs or requirements of the facility.

Privacy fencing and vinyl fencing can also be designed to meet state guidelines. If the privacy of the children is a main concern, privacy fences are a great option. Neighbors and those driving by will not be able to peer into area while the children are at play.

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