Choosing Best Fence Material for Dumpster Enclosure

The generation of garbage is a simple fact of life. As human beings live they are constantly throwing things away. Any archaeological site always searches for the midden which is always a massive source of data about the civilization and the habits of the peoples of the time. If our landfills are excavated 1,000 years from now one wonders what the future man will think about us; we, as a race, discard massive amounts of all sorts of items, from plastic bags and other packaging materials to blankets and clothing to old computers and video recorders.

Because we no longer maintain our own garbage sites, we all pay the city to remove it all to a landfill site or recycling center. In order to keep it neat we tend to put the household stuff in plastic bags and those go into dumpsters of various sizes, small 2 wheeled ones for individual household garbage and for complexes and other commercial developments, such as office blocks or apartment towers there are commercial type dumpster areas which require access by a truck able to position and remove the dumpster mechanically.

Generally unsightly and an attractive area for animals and pests these areas will ideally be enclosed and out of sight. The materials or type of fencing usually employed to achieve this varies hugely from site to site but as a general rule the more secure the better.

It obviously needs large gates so the truck can back up unhindered into at least 2 locations (To position the replacement and then to lift the full one)

P1010039-300x225.jpgSo what material does one use to build a dumpster enclosure. The more permanent the better so a brick or concrete wall 6 foot high on 3 sides with large gates hinged on the corners would be ideal, However that is the most expensive, in addition to be considered is the possibility of the truck, not the most subtle of machines, knocking it over, so there are alternatives far more economical.

A wooden fence is possibly the easiest to repair should damage occur. The trouble with wood is that it does deteriorate over time. Wire and chain link fences also work but of course are only suitable if the area is hidden from view.

There are PVC fence panels and posts which are a very suitable alternative to all of the above. Good looking, obscuring and durable, In addition damaged panels could easily be replaced. These make an easily established garbage area enclosure.

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