Building a Fence For Baseball Fields

To build a baseball fence, the league organizers need to be aware of several factors. Building a fence should be a construction that will last for many years to come, and will provide children with loads of fun as they safely play and compete. The land on which the field is set should be measured off correctly and leveled to prevent injury during play. Except for the pitcher’s mound of course. There are two levels of fencing that will be required typically.

The specific heights will depend on the age group of the players. But you can start with the backstop behind home plate. This fence is going to get most of its use stopping foul tips, serving as a protection for the crowd, passersby and cars in the parking lot. The fence behind home plate can be built up to at least 15 feet high, with an angled top to catch stray foul tips. This fence can be optional, but it is always a good idea to have one installed, especially when dealing with the older-aged players and leagues.

When installing fences that make the boundary of the field, this normally extends from dugout to dugout, spanning the length of the field. This is when careful measurements must be made beforehand to make sure all fence installations are following the correct regulations. The height of the field’s fencing at any one point should not be any more than four feet high. The height of the fence is meant to be low enough for players to be able to reach and lean over for catching balls.

This part of the fence should remain straight until is stretches out to the home run fence. The fence should be adjusted in length as it rounds out the back end of the boundary. The length from home plate will adjust slightly as you move from right field to center field to left field. After rounding out the home run boundary, the fence will continue on straight down the left side of the field, all the way to the dugout.

The type of fencing that should always be used is chain link fencing. This is the only practical fencing because of the fact that you can see through it at all time. It’s rather inexpensive to erect a chain link fence, since there is so much of it that will be needed for the entire baseball field. As and extra straightening device, as the fence moves along the boundary of the field, a straight pipe should form the top border of the fence. The fence should be installed strong enough to hold a player’s body as it leans over the top. This pole will continue to the edges where the foul tip boundaries must be attached. Then the pole will continue throughout the rest of the boundary.

chain link fence

Chain link fences will come in different colors and with plastic coating if needed. But whichever style is chosen, they will provide the easiest method of installation. Contact us to help prepare your baseball field with a new chain link installation from Diversified Fence Builders.

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