Advantages of Chain Link Fences for Security and Containment

chain link fence protecting property

From a functional perspective, chain link fencing has always been a very viable option. Although perhaps not as appealing as some wood, vinyl or aluminum fences, chain link fencing does provide utility at a very affordable cost.

Chain link fencing is ideal in areas containing pets and other animals that don’t necessarily require privacy. Since this type of fence allows for high visibility, you can be sure your family pets are safely contained while easily being able ot see what is going on within the enclosed space. for property boundaries and yard containment, chain link is a fantastic choice.

Chain link fences can be constructed using a variety of gauges, which is a measurement of the thickness of the metal mesh used for the fence. Typically, nine gauge and eleven gauge are used for home projects. The lower the gauge number, the thicker the metal is. Eleven gauge is typical for a residential chain link fence, but nine gauge mesh will allow for better galvanizing, which helps prevent rust and corrosion.

Optionally, chain link fences can be installed using top and/or bottom tension wires in lieu of the standard rails, reducing the cost of the fence. Bottom tension wire will help deter pets and other wild animals from digging underneath the fence and damaging the metal mesh.

For commercial fence applications, chain link fences are a low-cost and effective method of securing a job site or other sensitive areas from vandalism, theft and other destructive or harmful activities. Signs, such as notices, safety information or even advertising, can be easily attached to chain link fencing without damaging the mesh, and can simply be removed or relocated at any time with minimal effort. One notable advantage of chain link fencing is its transparency. With other types of fencing, trespassers can easily find a spot to hide from your view. However chain link fences are almost completely transparent, which helps to prevent criminals from hiding from the view of guards or surveillance cameras.

For home, commercial or even government use, chain link is a viable and affordable choice for a wide range of uses. If you would like more information on chain link fencing installation from the experts at Diversified Fence Builders Inc., Contact Us or call today at (336) 510-5561!

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