Tony Quick

Sales Manager

Year Started


Duties Include

Giving expert advice on different products available

Writing up proposals tailored to each customer

Troubleshooting for customer issues until they are satisfied

Hobby / Fun Fact / Favorite Diversified Fence Builders Memory

Hobbies: I enjoy many outdoor activities and sports, especially landscaping and basketball.

Fun Fact: I love searching for arrowheads and Native American artifacts in rural areas of NC.

Favorite DFB Memory: I was driving to an Estimate Appointment and a car was stopped in the road. I pulled over to see what was wrong. The driver was unconscious at the wheel and the passenger was completely distraught. I pulled the man from the car and administered CPR until an ambulance arrived. I was able to help save a life that day because I was in the right place at the right time-just by doing my job driving to an appointment.